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Oyo State Library Board came into existence as a result of organization transformation that has taken place over the years. Prior to its present status, the library was known as Western Nigeria Regional Library and was established in 1955 to support the free primary education of the Western Nigeria Regional Government led by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. In 1976, when Oyo State was carved out of the Western Region of Nigeria, the library nomenclature changed to Oyo State Library under the Ministry of Education while the Head of the Library was renamed the Chief Librarian. The revised edition of the law establishing the Library was published on 31st March, 2000 renamed the Head of the Library as the State Librarian who must be a qualified Librarian.

The transformation of Library services in the State, actually took place in 1988, when the Military Administration of Col. Sasaenia Oresanya enacted a law for the establishment of Oyo State Library Board which is regarded as an autonomous government parastatal in the Ministry of Education backed by an enabling Law, Oyo State Library Edict No 18 of August 1988 now reviewed to Oyo State Library Law Cap 109 No. 18 0f 1988. This development thereby gave way for the composition of Library Board led by Prof. Adebimpe Aboyade and supported by four (4) other professional librarians including Prof. D.F. Elaturoti (then Dr. Elaturoti) and Mrs. Oderinde (then of Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan). The composition of the Board brought the introduction of active library services in the State while the mandate giving to the Board became more pronounced and include the provision of qualitative and quantitative library services throughout the State.

In 1999, the State Government approved a new nomenclature and change the title of the Head of Library from ‘Director’ to ‘The State Librarian’ with 4 directorates. The directorates include: (a)  Public Library Services Department (b) Schools Library Services Department (c) Administration and Supply (d) Finance and Accounts. The library is located opposite Cocoa House building, Oba Adebimpe Road, Dugbe Ibadan with (2) Zonal Libraries at Ogbomoso and Oyo and three (3) Branches in Ibadan at, Elekuro, Samonda and Secretariat. The two zonal libraries are functioning very well.


To improve virile communities where information flow would improve the academic performance of the Educational sector and make available to the various interests and institutions the widest possible range of books and other records of human intellectual work in Arts, Science and Technology restoring the glory of the State as a pace setter. 

To serve as an instrument of improvement in the reading habit of the entire citizenry of the State by coordinating all the library services of the State particularly the schools. As well as the depository of all publications within the State.

  • Intellectual freedom
  • Providing a safe and secure environment
  • Providing opportunities for personal enrichment
  • Preservation
  • Excellence and sustainability in our programs and stewardship

(a) Library services to the rural populace

(b) Services to school libraries, Establish and maintain a library and documentation service within the State

(c) Training of library personnel working in schools, local governments, ministries and other government parastatals

(d) To serve as legal depository of all published works in the State.

  • Compliment the efforts of government toward improving the standard of education
  • Provide qualitative library services to the people of the region and to the school environment
  • To encourage reading culture among the school children.


 (a)  Public Library Services Department

(b) Schools Library Services Department

 (c) Administration and Supply

 (d) Finance and Accounts.

Our Guiding Principles

To serve as an instrument of improvement in the reading habit of the entire citizenry of the State by coordinating all the library services of the State particularly the schools, as well as the depository of all publications within the State.



At OYSLB, we believe everyone should have equal access to information and that is the reason we are committed to providing Braille materials for personal use  freely to individuals who are blind or visually impaired throughout the state.


 Professional Reference librarians are readily available to help users locate information in various formats, including books, articles, and digital resources. The library also offer Virtual reference services which enable the user to reach the librarian through the internet and ask questions to get the information that they need. 

Information communication technology (ICT)

The ICT Section of the library provide access to specialist stable, continuous and reliable ICT services, hardware, software and infrastructure for all categories of  individuals, educational establishments, companies, agencies and non-governmental organisations within the state.

School library

The school library service (SLS) works in partnership with school communities in the state and provides the expertise to help raise reading standards among children and teenagers. Additionally, in many areas, we have special services for helping kids with homework and research projects, including telephone or internet help, advise and consultancy services. 

Readers Services

Our readers services is about creating the right environment for the library clients to use the library where readers have access to a wide range of books, journals, magazines, newspapers and different publications  and topics of relevant interest. We also assists  our users by answering queries as well as directing them to sources where they can find information 

event hall services

Our corporate Event Hall situated in the library premises provides everything you need to host a stunning event experience. We provide a physical space for events to take place for about 500 to 1000 capacity events, weddings, birthdays, church services, meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars.  We also offer a range of full service amenities, such as catering services, decoration, entertainment and audio-visual services.    



We are unique because we strive to help our clientele make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in all endeavours of their lives.


Our activities and services are suitable for all types of information, education, cultural and entertainment that lead to individual and societal developments.


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